A Honeyville #10 Can
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Augason Backpackers Pantry Honeyville Mountain House Provident Pantry Prov. Provisions Saratoga Farms Thrive

List of #10 Cans from All Brands

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  • MSRP is the retail price, as best I can tell, as of September, 2012.
  • Servings is the number of servings per #10 can (multiply by 6 to get the number of servings per case).
  • Calories is the number of calories per #10 can (multiply by 6 to get the number of calories per case).
  • Sodium is the number of milligrams of sodium per serving. This may be important if water is scarce, as the sodium can make you thirsty.
  • Cost per 100 calories is the most useful method that I came up with for comparing prices for similar items.
  • Shelf life is most useful in comparing products from the same brand (e.g. one brand may call a 25-year shelf life 20-30 years, another might call it 25, and another might call it 30).